A Year and A Day

Into my room I went, for a year and a day

books piled high, a mind obsessed.

Poured over them I did, for a year and a day

bent over, pencil in mouth, oblivious to the world.

Back and forth I changed, for a year and a day

one moment holding

the antithesis

of what was held before.

No closer to truth I came, for a year and a day

except it were success

to make a map of dead ends.


That which is contradictory

is impossible to conceive,

and so for a year and a day, my studies – for all I can tell –

were no different

than trying to imagine

the impossible.


the spirit grows, even in this labor,

so it is not wholly vain.

The mind gains a seriousness, a respect for thinking.

It becomes slow to judge

and eager to shine light on dark places

which it has not yet explored.

It cares little for authority

or ties to men

but rather seeks newness and solidity

and finds these more refreshing

than an army of arguments.

It also becomes able to stand

silent before the world

in mystery and awe

without demanding answers to an infinite set

of questions

which may or may not have meanings.


What was once a stony pillow of ignorance

has now become soft

and liberating.

Perhaps I should go and rest my head upon it,

and enjoy rather than analyze

the great wonder of creation

for a year and a day.


One thought on “A Year and A Day

  1. rxpert86

    For it is within the searching that we find ourselves, we see a glimpse of our humanity. For hard and fast rules contain exceptions, as giving becomes taking and discipline embodies love. Examination of man’s own motive for his actions is surely spiritual growth. Recognizing that God alone can comprehend God. Man has done well to know himself and seek to serve his fellow man with pure heart and spirit for this is his highest calling



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