Right Now

right now, a white haired man is laying on a hospital bed, thinking about the close of his life, with slow breathing
right now, a form of flesh is passing through its mother, and being held up to her face, and opening its eyes, taking into its little soul the universe for the first time,
right now, a soldier is splayed out on a hot battlefield, holding his guts in with his hand, anxiously wondering if he will die, and if so if this is the end, and thinking of his loved ones with a bursting heart,
right now, a young girl is behind a wall in a playground, blushing as a young boy hands her a flower, and feels a sweet rush when they touch hands like she has never felt before,
right now a father is sitting in an aisle with the sun on his face, watching his daughter, his little one, who he taught to walk and coddled in his arms, pledge her till death do us part to a man who seems to him so young,
right now a teenage boy is standing on the edge, desperately hating with all the energy of his spirit that he is not normal, not knowing that that standard, when he is older, will cease to be rememberable,
right now, a new college student is scribbling on paper, with books piled high (or a hundred tabs open in his browser), trying to figure out what is true about God, and what he believes, and trying to parse his wishes and his upbringing from what is really the case,
right now, a woman sips her drink at a table of friends and laughs with sparkling eyes, and feels a perfect warmth in the airs of society,
right now, a rage envelopes the heart of a youth who learns that his lover has betrayed him, and the redness drives him to hatch a bloodthirsty plan of murder,
right now a widow is making her bed alone in her house, feeling an emptiness that has only grown these last 15 years, but who for all the world feels most blessed to live, and knows beyond argument that life is a good thing,
right now a resolve is being made with an atomic strength of will, which will be broken tomorrow,
right now a conviction fills the breast of one so strongly, that she will carry it throughout her life unshakeably,
right now happiness and sadness, peace and anxiety, horror and joy, pain and pleasure, wickedness and virtue saturate the spirits of this globe, all in the same right now,
all in the same mind of God, who’s experience enfolds everything,
in his right now.


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