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The idea that the human spirit can contemplate

loving something forever

is the most moving thing in the world.

For a heart to give birth to the thought

“I shall give myself to thee forever”

is a mystery most profound

which surpasses all knowledge

and the words of infinite worlds.


In it is the bottomless mystery of love itself.

For when a person desires to love something forever,

he is,


imitating the life of God:

the mystery of existence itself.

To wish to give oneself to another presupposes a knowledge of

the good

and the beautiful

and the lovely:

for one can only want what appears to be

good and beautiful and lovely.

This desire also presupposes

separateness and relationality:

for one can only desire union with that which is in some way

distinct from oneself

and which can be related to.

But the desire is not merely for the sake of giving

so that the other may have:

but also so that the one given

is united to that which is being given to.

Thus I want to give myself to my wife,

not only so that she may have me,

but so that I shall be united to her, and so have her.

This phenomenon of self-gift:

how mysterious!

How profound!

What other desire is there,

than the desire for unity,

a unity so close that there remains

no space of separation left between –

no way in which a closer unity would be possible?

For a heart to be united to another –

for a spirit to join another such that the two are in no sense separated –

what other desire is there?

This desire we must turn

to the beating heart of Christ:

for his heart is itself united to the source of all life

and love and goodness and beauty

and being itself.

We must seek ever more

to draw those we love and wish to be united with

into this union with the Lord.

For once all are perfectly united,

all shall be perfectly satisfied,

and all shall be perfectly joyous,

as the one desire of the human heart

– unity –

is perfectly fulfilled.


Look Around Thee

Look around thee

oh man

and behold all that comes to thy eye.

All that thou see will perish.

There will be a time when these things are no more.

You know this.

And yet

you live your life as if these things were your end

your infinite good.

Yet no infinite good can pass away.

Therefore fix in thy mind

every morning, and at mid day, and every night

this truth:

there is one but everlasting and infinite good.

And it is only in this that thou canst find what thou seekest:






and overflowing.