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Three Conundrums for Open Theism

i) God’s free choice. It seems once God has freely chosen to create, he has also freely chosen how to respond to every situation that occurs in the world. (Or has he?) If so, this seems to rob God of his freedom. He is not “now” free to do either A or B. He’s locked in. Doesn’t that make him now (and forever?) determined? Was God’s initial choice to create the only libertarian choice he will ever have? Or has God only decided how he will respond this side of heaven, and after the end of the world – or the end of each of our lives here on earth – he will be free again? And if so, did God decideĀ thatĀ very fact during the initial act of creating?

ii) Prior to God creating, God existed without the universe. This state of God was contingent. Otherwise it could not have changed and God necessarily would have remained alone. Now, if God’s state prior to creating was contingent, what caused it? If it is contingent it need not exist. It could therefore fail to exist. What then explains why it existed? The preceding moment, and so on, ad infinitum?

iii) Each moment of God’s existence – if he experiences a before and after – seem to entail a kind of finitude, insofar as it is defined as “this” moment. But what sets a limit on this finitude?

Is it possible Gods necessary existence is akin to our “subconscious” being? It necessarily presents stuff sequentially into God’s conscious mind at “fitting” and maybe even necessary times (given God’s nature) and then God freely acts on this information?